Experience and credibility in counseling and consulting of public projects.

We are a dynamic firm with 15 years of experience in Colombia offering management counseling and consulting services directed towards the public sector.

Why is our work unique?

139 contracts executed with the Colombian State.

15 years of consultancy experience in the public sector.

More than 800.000 audit visits carried out in the country.

Close to 2.500 professionals have been linked to the execution of our projects.

Why is our work unique?

Standardization of management work

TIC as support tools

Low levels of hierarchy and classification

Fast response capacity / Responsiveness and communication

A project-based structure

A multidisciplinary team of professional experts in different areas.

C & M Consultores S.A., in alliance with the ANAS S.p.A firm, public entity in charge of the construction and management of the italian network of roads and highways and PROGIN S.p.A., italian engineering firm, carried out for the national government the studies and designs for the future hiring by including private capital to license the following highway corridors: 1) Girardot - Puerto Salgar - Honda 2) Neiva – Girardot y (3) Santana - Mocoa -Neiva. The concession will have an estimated investment of $4 billion pesos in the construction of 158 kilometers of new roads and second traffic lanes, 9 kilometers of new pontoons and viaducts as well as the improvement and rehabilitation of 1.023 kilometers of existing roads and the maintenance and operation of 822 kilometers of roads.