Experience and credibility in counseling and consulting of public projects.

Our experience
Audit of contracts pertaining to the 131 and 140 projects in all of the municipalities in macro-regions 1 and 5.


Technical and administrative supervision of the programs: Children Breakfasts, Emergency Rations, Nutritional Recovery. Additionally, supervision of the contracting entities and application units of projects 131 and 140 referred as Nutritional Assistance to the School Student, Welfare Group Homes 0-7, Children Homes, Emergency Centers, Boarding and Semi-boarding Schools, Internships, Supervision Homes, Support Intervention, Social Life and Vocational Orientation Preparation, Independent Life Project, Meeting for the construction of a Life Plan, Specialized Assistance Centers – CAE, Youth Homes, Tutoring Homes, Substitute Homes, Temporary Centers, Specialized Prevention Boarding Center, Open Boarding School, in all of the municipalities in macro-regions 1 and 5.


Number of departments where the contract was executed 11 Departments

Contracting Entity

Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar - ICBF

Year of execution

2007 - 2010

Especialty field


Services developed in this project

  • Project auditing, monitoring and control
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