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Auditing of the official enrollment reported by the SIMAT to the Education Secretariat of Boyacá.


Auditing of the official enrollment of regular students who belong to kindergarden and primary levels and the official enrollment of above-age and adult students (cycle education), assisted through the models: Let’s Transform “I can keep going”, SER – ITEDRIS, Education Alliance for Colombia – ITAEC – SAT and CEDEBOY, reported by the Integrated Enrollment System (SIMAT) to the department secretariat of education corresponding to the academic year of 2011 by the non-certified municipalities, to determine the reliability and consistency of such information, according to the accounts given by education institutes and delivered by the Education Secretariat of Boyacá.

63,945 Students

Quantity of verified education centers 421 Education centers

Number of municipalities where the contract was executed 22 Municipalities

Contracting Entity

Gobernación de Boyacá

Year of execution

2011 - 2011

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  • Project auditing
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