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Complete audit of concession contracts with parking lots celebrated by the IDU.


Audit and administrative, operative, technical, financial and commercial supervision of the concession contract No. 032 of 2010; Nos. 385, 386, 387 and 388 of 1999 and Nos. 385, 386, 387 and 388 of 1999 celebrated by the IDU with the Parking Concession. Contract No.67 and Contract No.69: of the Parking Concession Calle 77 S.A., Calle 90 S.A., Parking Concession Calle 85 S.A., Parking Concession Calle 97 S.A., respectively, in Bogotá D.C. Contract No.34: of the public parking lots habilitated by the IDU on the Carrera 12 No.84-42, Calle 109 No. 17-46, Calle 82 No. 10-69, Carrera 11 a No. 88 - 49, Carrera 11 No. 93 A - 72 y AC 72 no. 5-67, in Bogotá D.C.

Total of available parking spots subjected to auditing and control 1,588 Available parking spots

Number of parking lots intervened on 10 Parking

Contracting Entity

 Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano- IDU

Year of execution

2006 - 2016

Especialty field

Infrastructure and transport

Services developed in this project

  • Project auditing, monitoring and control
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