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Our experience
Complete audit of the concession contracts of the Integrated System of Public Transportation SITP.


Technical and operative audit of the pre-operative and operative stages associated with the implementation of 13 concession contracts, corresponding to the preferential and non-exclusive use of the public transportation service by passengers within the scheme of the Integrated Public Transportation System SITP: 1) Usaquén, 2) Engativá, 3) Fontibón, 4) San Cristóbal, 5) Suba oriental, 6) Suba centro, 7) Calle 80, 8) Tintal – zona franca, 9) Kennedy, 10) Bosa, 11) Perdomo, 12) Ciudad Bolívar y 13) Usme.

Quantity of inspected vehicles 7,399 Inspected vehicles

Quantity of inspections made 327,231 Vehicle, operation and security inspections

Number of zones where the contract was executed 13 Zones

Contracting Entity


Year of execution

2012 - 2015

Especialty field

Infrastructure and transport

Services developed in this project

  • Project auditing, monitoring and control
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